Boris Johnson is the first prime minister to break the law. A new low even for him.

He broke the law and then lied about it. He lied to you. He lied to parliament. He lied time and time again.

Just last Friday he said talk of him breaking the law was ‘a lot of nonsense’.  I was in the Commons sitting right in front of him when he said “all guidance was followed completely in Number 10” and “there was no party and no covid rules were broken”. Lies.

This is very important. You can’t have the person who heads our government breaking the laws he himself creates. You can’t have a prime minister whose word is so devalued that so few citizens or global partners will have any trust or respect for him. He’s our prime minister, if he’s not trusted then it impacts on our whole country’s reputation.

I’m angry. I’m angry as someone who cares about politics and the damage his clinging to power will do to trust in those who run our country, including me.

And as a person who stuck to the rules and suffered the same social isolation as almost everyone else, who missed out of important family moments, I’m angry that it was all a joke to Boris Johnson.

DJ’s were hired. Karaoke machines were brought in. Suitcases were taken to shops so they could bring enough booze back. Special birthday cake was ordered. Damage was done to the building in at least one party.

And all this was happening while covid was ripping through care homes, when people were dying by their tens of thousands, and billions of pounds or taxpayers money was being squandered through mismanagement, avoidable fraud, and dodgy contracts to their mates.

Remember back in March 2020 when I warned Boris Johnson what was about to happen in care homes? I told him in the Commons and I wrote to him with details. He never responded. I knew he’d be busy, but now I know what he did find time for and the culture he set and I’m fuming because he cannot say he and his team did everything possible. They didn’t. Every day I was speaking to care home managers and feeding in what I was learning, trying to help the government get it right. But to Boris Johnson leadership is a big joke.

It’s very rare for me to be this angry. But enough is enough. We deserve better than this. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak must resign.

Ukraine is extremely serious but parliament is united. Every political party is united. Britain’s steadfast support and the nature of the support for Ukraine will not change with a new prime minister and he cannot use this as an excuse.

Winston Churchill famously described the three priorities for any MP: country first, constituency second, party third.

Right now any Tory who defends Boris Johnson is trashing Churchill’s political legacy. They are – literally –  putting party first, second and third. They are inflicting huge damage on our politics and standing in the world.

I care about our community so much which is why I know with every fibre in my being that you deserve better than Boris Johnson. And That’s why I’m working so hard alongside Keir Starmer and the Labour team to provide it.

Yours, Peter

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